Matthew Lyon

about me

I work in technology, designing and building tools for sense-making and taking actions of consequence.

For fun, I make art and music which explore the interplay beteween inadvertent pattern-making and decay.


Recently: Feb 7, 2023

I’m finally updating this web page to include (verifiable) links to Mastodon/the Fediverse, instead of Twitter. Blame Javascript and baroque build systems. I also have a page with some archived tweets.




Cover for Music for Modern Discourse

Music for Modern Discourse – Dawn of Purpose

21 Sep 2022
Cover for Music for Dotted Lines

Music for Dotted Lines – Passage of Remnants

25 May 2022
Cover for Time Lapse

Time Lapse – Prelude To Blue Hour

25 Jun 2021


Understanding Time Zones

You think you want worldwide UTC -- I think you're entitled

Consuming GraphQL Simply

A curl-based introduction with a focus on the basics

Dreaming of Jobs

A philisophical musing about the idea of a dream job

Regretting the Golden Handcuffs

My story of the long tail of startup success

Mistrusting Email Addresses

Communication mediums are not authentication mediums

Refining Software

A polemic advocating for a more measured approach in building software

Making Time For Quality

A polemic about creativity in the age of instant gratification


Making Music With Math

Exploring the relationship between music theory and math

Working with GraphQL for Client & Server

An introduction to GraphQL, with a focus on patterns for creating APIs

Computing Visual Art

Demonstrations of the relationships between visual art, math, and code

Minimum Viable Documentation

I presented some ideas about the role of documentation in lean development

Et Cetera

Tweeting, archived

What's left of 15 years of

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