please subscribe

a poem about the new economy

everything is paid via subscription now
everybody’s gotta make money and this is how
they pay all those subscription fees
hustlin’ every day, like those long gone bees
but without that money in the bank
my social rating is gonna tank
my life and health will take a dive
if I can’t pay for the things I need to stay alive
can’t subscribe to the person who cuts my hair
can’t subscribe to my personal lair
can’t subscribe to that fresh clean air
can’t subscribe to the care of my health
can’t build any kind of wealth
and if all of this is just too much
subscribing to every little thing ‘n’ such
when I end up losing the will to live,
there are no fucks for society to give
we don’t give those fucks for free,
but I come to you today with a heartfelt plea
can you spare ten bucks a month and subscribe to me?